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What's New in UD6 1.03.00 Beta 2

March Hare recommend uninstalling all previous versions of UD6 using the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs function, Before installing UD6 CMtool Driver Beta 2.

If you choose not to uninstall the previous versions then the Windows operating system may create two entries in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel with the same name. This will not prevent you from uninstalling either package, but may prove confusing.

Please read the section What's New in UD6 1.03.00 Beta 1 if you have not already done so.

New to 1.03.00 Beta 2 are:

March Hare appreciate any feedback that you have regarding this release. Please send feedback to: beta2@march-hare.com

Recommendations for existing users:

Existing users should not upgrade their production systems to UD6 1.03.00 Beta 2. If existing users wish to test UD6 1.03 Beta 2 please use your existing configuration files.

Advanced users may wish to integrate their previous joins file (and other configuration files) with the new ones. The new configuration files activate these new features:

Recommendations for new users:

New users should use UD6 1.03.00 Beta 2 as your first installation.

New files:

UD6 1.03 beta 2 includes new or changed configuration files:


In addition to the issues for all users listed in Beta 1, please be aware of the implications of Bug 3451.


Guide to Installing UD6/CMtool driver.
Difficulties with the new installer
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How the driver works (includes a section on the file format)
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Using UD6 for EDI/XML Data Interchange
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Where to get more information
How to get support

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