How to install and configure UD6/CMtool Driver

After you use the installation program to install the tool into your Uniface installation you need to perform the following additional activities:

Step 1 Modify your configuration file to load the ud6.dll and register the help.
Step 2 Modify your assignment file (usys.asn or other) for any driver parameters.
Step 3 Set the configuration files.
Step 4 Initialise a UD6/Cmtool repository.
Step 5 Import repository into UD6/CMtool.
Example How to use the driver with a configuration management solution.
Extra Step Re-Compiling the Driver.

If you are installing the demo version of the UD6/CMtool driver the DLL is named UD6X.DLL. Use this name instead of the name in this installation guide.

Please note:

You do not have to uninstall any other drivers or March Hare ToolKit, they share no code except this help file.

Installing UD6 for use in environments where character sets other than US ASCII are used (e.g.: if your Uniface source code includes umlauts, characters with accents, or Hebrew or Arabic characters) may require the use of NLS. The specifics of NLS are briefly mentioned in this guide, however the article National Language Support in UD6/Cmtool should be read as well.

For more information about the converting from UVCS to CVS see: How to migrate from UVCS

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