UVCS Migration

If your organisation has traditionally used UVCS for Uniface version control, UD6 1.03.00 introduces the ability to convert this historical information into Uniface UD6 repository files, and automate the transfer of these files to your version control system, including the original UVCS comments.

Before reading this section you should already be confident with the use and administration of UD6, Uniface and your version control tool. March Hare strongly advise setting up a repository without the historical information first in order to become familiar with the basic operation of UD6.

Overview of the migration:

The migration consists of:

Regardless of the Version Control system being used with UD6, the entire history of UVCS can be loaded using the uvcs2cvs.exe program.

The UVCS to CVS conversion is a one way conversion, and cannot be reversed. Please ensure that backups are kept of your current repository and UVCS repository in TRX format.


If migrating from UVCS, you cannot use the "renamedirs" and the "Joins" configuration files from UD6 1.03. Copy the "Joins" file from the "Additional" directory and delete the "renamedirs" configuration file.

For more information about the converting from UVCS to CVS see:

Step 1 Load UVCS into UD6.
Step 2 Migrate the historical information.
Step 3 Perform final import into UD6.
uvcs2cvs.exe Copies historical UVCS information into UD6 repository files.

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