UD6 Troubleshooting

Firstly you should be familiar with what SHOULD happen when you use the UD6/CMtool driver.

When you enter a command line like:

/cpy trx:filename.trx ud6:

Uniface should give you a transcript window and an advertising window.

The advertising window will initially show the March Hare Toolkit banner, followed by 2 advertising banners on rotation explaining the features of the UD6/CMtool driver.

The transcript window will show something like:

 8074 - Copied from 'TRX:FILENAME.TRX' to 'UD6:ENTITY1.MODEL' total records/rows 3.

The following files are created (note if the entity (eg: ENTITY1) is specified in the ‘joins’ configuration file then the file name and location will depend on the settings in the ‘joins’ configuration file):


These files are created in the DEFAULT directory as specified in the windows NT shortcut properties:

'Start in:', which by default is usually your 'usys:..\bin' directory.

Further Information

Problem 1 No LOGO or Advertising Banner
Problem 2 Unable to locate 3GL function UDBUD6
Problem 3 No response when Assembly Workbench is selected
Problem 4 All driver functions slow when used on a shared network drive
Problem 5 Transcript shows error 182 - Unable to load DLL.
Problem 6 Transcript shows Unable to locate 3GL function UDBUD6.
Problem 7 Filenames are sometimes uppercase other times mixed case.
Problem 8 DocZilla does not show XML files correctly
Problem 9 Internet Explorer 5 gives error when showing XML files
Problem 10 9016 - System needs more channels for files. error displayed
Problem 11 IDF will not compile components
Problem 12 Transcript shows error 31 - Unable to load DLL.
Problem 13 XML file exists but IDF cannot find record/form.
Problem 14 IE5 incorrectly display XML if USYS$UD6_PARAMS=xsl w3c.
Problem 15 Description fields appear in XML file with control characters.
Problem 16 Import appears to hang during import of UGLYPH.
Problem 17 Edit properties of a label in a component takes a long time.
Problem 18 IDF crashes during phase 4 of compile.
Problem 19 The process cannot access the file / sharing violation.
Problem 20 Cannot find WININET.DLL.
Problem 21 1734 - Compiler read error on unexpected empty XXXXXX
Problem 22 8069 - Copy failed: Write error on file/table.
Problem 23 Illegal & character when NLS is off. (gold-&)
Problem 24 Illegal < character when MHGFP140 is on, garbled bold, underline, and italic text in XML file.
Problem 25 -1023 fetch error When UD6 tries to retrieve from user defined table.
Problem 26 8080 - Nothing copied. when exporting from UCGROUP.
Limitations General driver limits

Contact details for our support department are located here.

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