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What's New in UD6 1.03.00 Beta 1

If you are already using a version of UD6 earlier than 1.03.00 Beta 1 you should read this section and the release notes.

If you are a new user to UD6, then the details in this section will help clarify the differences between the examples in the How To: guides and the results you will see from using UD6 1.03.00 Beta 1.

For Current Users:

There are two migration paths for moving your source code from earlier versions of UD6:

March Hare strongly recommend migrating your existing setup and functionality - not the new features, unless one of the new features is particularly helpful for your installation.

All migrations must:

You may also take advantage of the new features by:

Advanced users may wish to integrate their previous joins file (and other configuration files) with the new ones. The new configuration files activate these new features:

For All Users:

UD6 1.03.00 Beta 2 will introduce the ability to store ULANA records with UFORM and UCTABLE records, which will alter the storage of ULANA.


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How the driver works (includes a section on the file format)
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How to migrate from UVCS
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Where to get more information
How to get support

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