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UD6 CMtool Driver Installer

UD6/CMtool Driver uses the new Microsoft Installer. This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions about it.

Minimum System Requrement

This requires a minimum of Windows NT4 SP3 or Windows 95. If you do not already have the Microsoft software, it will be automatically installed by the UD6 installer.

Important notice about previous installations

March Hare recommend uninstalling all previous versions of UD6 using the Windows Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs function, Before installing UD6 CMtool Driver Beta 2.

If you choose not to uninstall the previous versions then the Windows operating system may create two entries in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel with the same name. This will not prevent you from uninstalling either package, but may prove confusing.

Using the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel

To alter or remove an existing installation (e.g.: to change the installed UD6 Drvier version from Uniface 7.2.04 to Uniface .7.2.06) re-run the installer from the .EXE file that you downloaded. Do not use the Add/Remove Control Panel.

How do I install 2 copies of UD5 on the same machine?

The Microsoft Installer is designed to maximise the management of the configuration of the Windows environment. Generally it is not possible to install the same version of UD6 into two different locations on the one computer. To do this, install UD6 into an otherwise empty directory, then copy the installed contents to the location that you will use it from. Use the ud6 installed .EXE to remove the original installation, and then install it again. Repeat this process for the required number of copies of the installation.

How do I change the Uniface version UD5 is installed for?

To change any aspect of the UD6 installation, re run the installation .EXE file, and choose the "Change" option.


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