Manage Uniface 8 Migration with UD6 and UD6 Option Pack

UD6 1.03 and UD6 Option Pack provide special facilities to make migration to uniface 8 easier.

Copy source code betweek versions

When using UD6 1.03 with the "noemptytrig" setting it is possible to copy Uniface source code from Uniface 8 back to Uniface 7. It's as simple as dragging the file from one directory to the other.

Automate proc code changes

A quick read through the Uniface 8 Migration guide will show you that if your proc code contains certain strings then your code will not compile in Uniface 8. The XMLGREP utility which is a part of the UD6 Option Pack makes finding and fixing these a simple exercise.


Read more about Uniface Version Control

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