System Requirements for using UD6/CMtool Driver

The UD6/CMtool Driver integrates Uniface 4GL development environment with most Configuration Management and Source Code Management tools.

March Hare recommend that UD6 be used in conjunction with Polyserver to improve performance. UD6/CMtool and Polyserver may be used on any Polyserver supported platform, including Windows NT, most Unix platforms, VMS, MVS and more.

UD6/CMtool Driver may be used without Polyserver effectively in small installations (typically less than 5 users, or less than 10 users on a small network). Testing using the evaluation version is strongly recommended.

Optional Server Operating System
Polyserver, any supported platform.
Client Operating System
Uniface, any supported platform
Configuration Management System (optional)
ClearCase, eChange Man, Continuus, PVCS Dimensions, most others...
Source Code Managers (optional)
CVS, Win-CVS, PVCS VM, Visual Source Safe, most others...


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