Better merging of Form Component layout with UD6 Option Pack.

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The UD6 Option Pack provides these enhancements to UD6:

   -   XMLGREP utility to search and replace in
 your source code
   -   Uniface 8 upgrade wizard to automatically
 fix many common proc code faults during
 Uniface 8 migration
   -   Improved storage format for the Paint
 Tableau which improves diff and merge

Search and Repalce anything in your source code

The UD6/CMtool Driver stores your Uniface source code in plain ASCII text files in XML format and the XMLGREP utility included in the Option pack allows you to search and replace field sizes, proc instructions, literally everything.

Click here for more detailed information on XMLGREP.

Perform complex migration tasks easily

If you are going to upgrade to Uniface 8, a quick read through the Uniface 8 migration guide lists many simple code examples that will no longer work in Uniface 8. XMGREP includes a special function to look for the most common faulty code patterns are replace them automatically.

Click here for more detailed information on Uniface 8 migration management features of UD6 1.03 and UD6 Option Pack.

Now your Uniface source code, stored with the UD6/CMtool Driver can have a human readable form paint tableau.

The UD6/CMtool Driver stores your Uniface source code in plain ASCII text files in XML format. This means that your proc code, registers, entity and field definitions and your components can all be edited using the IDF or any text based editor.

This is the key to being able to use any Version Control / Configuration Management tool. Once your source code is controlled by PVCS, CVS, ClearCase eChange Man etc, you can easily revert to any previous version of your code, and even report on the differences between versions.

However, due to the way which Uniface encrypts the 'form paint tableau' of a FORM Component, changes to the position, size and attributes of objects on the screen can be difficult to distinguish, until now.

IE5 users: click for a plain or formatted view

What no other solution offers

The March Hare UD6 Option Pack has the ability to convert the form paint tableau to and from XML, and many other formats.

When UD6/CMtool is used in conjunction with the UD6 Option Pack DLL, the form paint tableau is converted into human readable XML tags, and a simple 'picture' of the form using HTML.

Now merging or differencing changes to the layout of Uniface form components is simple.

Additionally when you open the component's XML file in Internet Explorer 5 you can literally see what the form component looks like, and when you open the XML file in an editor, you can easily alter the size, placement and attributes of any painted object.

March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing your configuration management and/or Uniface solutions. Please visit our consultants page for more information.

Read more about Uniface Version Control

- UD6/CMtool and UD6 Option Pack are available for all Uniface supported platforms

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