Taking control in PVCS Dimensions

As a way of introducing Dimensions, we'll go through a typical work-session using it.

At this point your source code is now in XML the format that the UD6/CMtool Driver uses (in the directory c:\usys-ud6102\projects\sources), and is ready for ‘putting into’ Dimensions. The following describes a Dimensions setup which is a fairly straightforward one and should suffice for your initial evaluation, or to give more advanced Dimensions users an insight into the specifics of using PVCS Dimensions with the UD6/CMtool Driver for Uniface.

Installing and setting up Dimensions.

Migration tasks to be performed.

Taking control

Create a Dimensions product
Define File Formats and MIME types
Define Object Type Definitions
Create a workset
Configure MULTIUSE
Upload the sources
Create baseline

How to use the driver with PVCS Dimensions (cont.)

Configuration information
Taking control in PVCS Dimensions
Releasing a form using PVCS Dimensions
Checking a form in using PVCS Dimensions
Adding a form using PVCS Dimensions
Finding the differences in versions using PVCS Dimensions
Problems when using PVCS Dimensions

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control
Using UD6/CMtool and Uniface with PVCS Dimensions.

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