Problems when using PVCS Dimensions

PVCS Dimensions does not support scriptable triggers

Most Version Control systems support some ability to execute programs or scripts when certain events are ‘triggered’ in the Version Control System.

PVCS Dimensions supports this concept by a user replaceable DLL file in the PCMS_ROOT\prog directory.

March Hare supply a sample file for supporting the MultiUSE facility as described in the article Configure MULTIUSE in the section ‘Taking Control’, and also ‘Configuration Files’ article UD6/MultiUSE

How to use the driver with PVCS Dimensions (cont.)

Configuration information
Taking control in PVCS Dimensions
Releasing a form using PVCS Dimensions
Checking a form in using PVCS Dimensions
Adding a form using PVCS Dimensions
Finding the differences in versions using PVCS Dimensions
Problems when using PVCS Dimensions

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control
Using UD6/CMtool and Uniface with PVCS Dimensions.

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