Configuration information for PVCS Dimensions

Here is a quick overview of the steps to installing and running Uniface with PVCS Dimensions using UD6/CMtool Driver. Each step is explained in more detail if you click on the links that are provided.

*Install Uniface and UD6/CMtool Driver on to the NT Workstation.

*Alter the usys.ini and usys.asn files as per the Guide to Installing UD6/CMtool driver.

*Alter the usys.asn file to have a ’catchall’ to direct all non-joined source code to the .\sources\other directory, set the $MAXFILES and set temporary files to be stored in another database.

*Start and then close the IDF to initialise an empty repository. (For the purposes of this demonstration, the default directory of the shortcut used to start the IDF should be a temporary directory for loading your existing source code into the XML format that the UD6/CMtool Driver uses (we used c:\usys-ud6102\project).

The file c:\usys-ud6102\project\sources\other\udicver.xml now exists, and contains 1 record.

*Add the ‘nokeycheck’, and optionally the ‘xmlschema ???’ parameter(s) to the USYS$UD6_PARAMS setting in the usys.asn file (this setting improves the performance of the UD6 driver for bulk load operations, and creates XDR information, but must be disabled for normal use).

*Load the repository from a backup with a command like:

idf /com=100 /cpy trx:7204bkp07Feb2000.trx idf:

(some unix environments may require the /com=10 switch to reduce the number of file handles used).

*Alter the usys.asn file to remove the ‘nokeycheck’ and/or the ‘xmlschema ???’ parameter(s).

*If you are upgrading versions of Uniface at the same time as setting up UD6, and you previously loaded the Uniface Meta-Dictionary, you will need to delete it and install the Meta-Dictionary that was supplied with you newer version of Uniface. To do this perform the following steps:

cd sources\tables

del dict-*.xml

del ucvs-*.xml

del sysenv-*.xml

del printer-*.xml

cd ..\sub-types

del *-dict-*.xml

del *-ucvs-*.xml

del *-sysenv-*.xml

del *-printer-*.xml

Now start the IDF with the following command line options:

/ins meta

*Prior to controlling your source in PVCS Dimensions, it is wise to compile all objects and forms, eg:

idf.exe /all

This ensures that all the descriptors have been generated for the forms. Without this information you will not be able to compile forms in the CM tool since they will be read-only and the descriptors cannot be generated (see the nodeny parameter in the USYS$UD6_PARAMS help topic).

*For the same reasons you may wish to start up the IDF and select the Assembly Area, then the Assembly Workbench.

Clicking on this ICON will start the initial synchronisation of signatures and diagram.

Finally you need to install and configure UD6/MultiUSE for use with PVCS Dimensions.

Configuration Files

Joins File
ASN file

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