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Upgrade to Uniface 8 using XMLGREP.


XMLGREP which is a part of the UD6 1.03 Option Pack contains a migration tool which searches for and fixes the common proc code problems listed in the Uniface Migration Guide (Compuware MGG May 2003 pages 1-20 to 1-24) including:

Set up UD6 plus Option Pack with your Uniface Six or Seven source code

Import your Uniface source code into UD6 using Uniface Six or Seven before you begin your Uniface 8 upgrade. You can then use CVS, ClearCase, PVCS, CM Synergy or your chosen version control tool to control and track your changes to the source code as you migrate.

Test for errors in your source code

You can use XMLGREP to test for common problems in your source code either before or after you upgrade to Uniface 8. Choose the "Upgrade" tab on the XMLGREP search page and ensure that "Replace" is not ticked. Select the test to run from the options provided and then press the "XMLGREP" button.

XMLGREP will give you a list of all places that the error occurs and if you selected verbose before the search it will also show you what line the error occurs on.

Use the Replace option to make the changes

Select and tick the Replace box and when you execute the search XMLGREP will automatically fix the Uniface proc code. At the first change you will be prompted to confirm each change or confirm all changes with a single answer.

Read more about Searching and Replacing using XMLGREP

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