Add Source Code to Project

Source code is added to the project using the Visual Source Safe Explorer on the client.

Log in using an account that can add and checkout files from the project database, and select the project created previously.

Using Windows Exploer, select and drag the directories that UD6/CMtool Driver has created your Uniface source code in, to the Visual SourceSafe explorer window (e.g.: applications, components etc etc).

This window will appear, giving you the opportunity to add a comment regarding the checkin. Ensure that the Recursive checkbox is ticked, and a descriptive comment is given, then press OK.

Since Visual SourceSafe has been set to use a shadow folder, but that folder does not exist yet, the above error dialog is presented. Press Yes All to automaticaly create the shadow folders.

As each sub-directory is added you will be prompted for the checkin comment. Ensure that the ‘recursive’ checkbox is ticked each time.

On the server you should see that the shadow folder is being populated at the same time as the project.

Taking control

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Add source code to Project
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How to use the driver with Visual SourceSafe (cont.)

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Using UD6/CMtool and Uniface with Visual SourceSafe.

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