Taking control in Visual SourceSafe

As a way of introducing Visual SourceSafe, we'll go through a typical work-session using it.

At this point your source code is now in XML the format that the UD6/CMtool Driver uses (in the directory c:\usys-ud6102_7206\projects\sources), and is ready for ‘putting into’ Visual SourceSafe. The following describes a SourceSafe setup which is a fairly straightforward one and should suffice for your initial evaluation, or to give more advanced SourceSafe users an insight into the specifics of using Visual SourceSafe with the UD6/CMtool Driver for Uniface.

Installing and setting up Visual SourceSafe.

Migration tasks to be performed.

At the conclusion of these tasks you should have a Visual SourceSafe project database containing all of your Uniface source, and a shadow folder containing read-only copies of the same files.

Taking control

Set SourceSafe Options
Create SourceSafe Project
Set Shadow Folder
Add source code to Project
Set working folder(s)

How to use the driver with Visual SourceSafe (cont.)

Configuration information
Taking control in Visual SourceSafe
Releasing a form using Visual SourceSafe
Checking a form in using Visual SourceSafe
Adding a form using Visual SourceSafe
Finding the differences in versions using Visual SourceSafe
Problems when using Visual SourceSafe

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control
Using UD6/CMtool and Uniface with Visual SourceSafe.

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