Set SourceSafe Options

Visual source safe uses file groups to distinguish text and binary files for each development tool.

Start the Visual SourceSafe Administrator, and log in using an administrative account.

Open the Options... dialog from the Tools pulldown menu.

Define a new file group for your Uniface source code, by pressing the Add button.

Enter the name Uniface and press OK when done.

Enter the file types to be included in this group as *.xml;*.xsl;*.css

Add *.gif to the binary file types, and if you will be controlling Uniface object files, also add *.frm;*.svc;*.rpt;*.dol;*.urr

Taking control

Set SourceSafe Options
Create SourceSafe Project
Set Shadow Folder
Add source code to Project
Set working folder(s)

How to use the driver with Visual SourceSafe (cont.)

Configuration information
Taking control in Visual SourceSafe
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Checking a form in using Visual SourceSafe
Adding a form using Visual SourceSafe
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Problems when using Visual SourceSafe

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control
Using UD6/CMtool and Uniface with Visual SourceSafe.

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