Step by Step guide to using UD6/CMtool Driver with eChange Man

What is eChange Man

eChange Man (formerly known as Diamond CM) is popular in HP/3000 and mainframe environments and is also available for many unix variants and Windows NT. It offers process control, version control, release / build management, programming editor, software distribution, and other features.

The home of eChange Man on the web is http://www.serena.com

A complete list of configuration management tools can be found at:


If you have not already done so, please read A methodology to Uniface source code control before you continue with these topics and examples.

eChange Man

Operating System (server) Operating System (client) Uniface Version UD6/CMtool driver Version eChange Man Version Other
Win NT SBS 4.5 Win NT Workstation 4.0 SP4 7.2.05 0.90 5.1.4
(server and win32 client)
SQL Server 7

UD6/CMtool driver has been tested with the abovementioned product, and this documentation has been written using the operating environment described above. Other operating environments should work, however specific instructions may vary.

A methodology to Uniface source code control
Configuration information
Taking control in eChange Man
Releasing a form using eChange Man
Checking a form in using eChange Man
Adding a form using eChange Man
Finding the differences in versions using eChange Man
Problems when using eChange Man

UD6 Overview

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