Finding the differences in versions using eChange Man

One of the most powerful features of a CM tool is it allows you to find out WHO made WHAT change. eChange Man includes a diff function to assist with this task.

To get to the "Diff analysis" window, select a file in the production area, from the right click menu select ‘Show History’, then press the ‘Find Now’ button. If you select any 2 versions and press the compare button at the bottom of the window, the “Diff analysis” windo" is displayed.

Consult the eChange Man reference manual for further information

How to use the driver with eChange Man (cont.)

Configuration information for eChange Man
Taking control in eChange Man
Releasing a form in eChange Man
Checking a form in using eChange Man
Adding a form using eChange Man
Problems when using eChange Man

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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