Taking control in eChange Man

As a way of introducing eChange Man, we'll go through a typical work-session using it. . The first thing to understand is that eChange Man stores all files in multiple distributed repositories.

Before continuing, ensure that the nokeycheck parameter has been removed from the USYS$UD6_PARAMS setting in the assignment file, otherwise the driver will not work correctly.

Prior to loading your source into eChange Man, it is wise to compile all objects and forms, eg:

$idf /all

This ensures that all the descriptors have been generated for the forms. Without this information you will not be able to compile forms in the CM tool since they will be read-only and the descriptors cannot be generated (see the nodeny parameter in the USYS$UD6_PARAMS help topic).

For the same reasons you may wish to start up the IDF and select the Assembly Area, then the Assembly Workbench.

Clicking on this ICON will start the initial synchronisation of signatures and diagram.

Taking Control

Create areas
Create projects
Create workflow
Finish taking control

How to use the driver with eChange Man (cont.)

Configuration information for eChange Man
Taking control in eChange Man
Releasing a form in eChange Man
Checking a form in using eChange Man
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Problems when using eChange Man

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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