Taking control

As a way of introducing CVS Unreserved Checkouts, we'll go through a typical work-session using CVS. The first thing to understand is that CVS stores all files in a centralized repository (see section CVS and Misc); this section assumes that a repository is set up.

Before loading your source into a configuration management tool, it is wise to compile all objects and forms, eg:

c:\usys83\bin\idf.exe /asn=.\cvs.asn /all

This ensures that all the descriptors have been generated for the forms.

For the same reasons you may wish to start up the IDF and select the Assembly Area, then the Assembly Workbench.

Clicking on this ICON will start the initial synchronisation of signatures and diagram.

Directory structure
Import to CVS

Creating a Work Area

Keeping the Work Area up to date

Final Directory Structures

A methodology to Uniface source code control
How to get and install CVS
Introduction and Configuration
Taking control
Releasing a form
Checking a form in
Releasing a form and application model
Releasing registers
Adding a form
Merging code changes
Final notes

UD6 Overview

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