Releasing a form

As a way of introducing CVS, we are continuing to go through a typical work-session using CVS. . In the previous section we set up a repository, and now in this section we will check out a form.

First go to some other directory than the one where you imported the sources, then check out a new copy of them from the repository (in this example h: is the developers personal drive):

md h:\sources
cd h:\sources
bcvs checkout components\formname.XML

This will make the directory "uform" in your current directory and populate it with the appropriate source XML file. This new directory tree is called a "working copy" of the sources; after you've made changes to them, you can "commit" them back into the master repository.

You should also find an inuse file in your current directory. This is a file that the UD6 driver uses to find the current location of a source file NOT in the main CVS repository/reference area. If you do not have an inuse file, check your assignment file settings ((the filename and directory that this file is kept in can be specified in the parameter listdir in the USYS$UD6_PARAMS), and CVS configuration help topics Configuration information and Taking control,.

Checking a form in
Releasing a form and application model
Releasing registers
Adding a form
Merging code changes
Final notes

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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