Checking a form in

Now that we have our new copy of the form, you may make changes to it (remember that the source files in the reference area are read-only). Add a comment to the form that you checked out earlier.

To put this source back into the repository you might then run this CVS command:

cvs commit -m "Added comment about parsley." components\formname.xml

The "-m" flag records the log message it precedes as part of M-USYS-USA.XML 's history. Later, you could go back and read over the various log messages of M-USYS-USA.XML (see cvs.html or the CVS Help for details).

NOTE 1: cvs does not delete the components\formname.xml file from the local developers disk automatically, however since the inuse file has been updated, Uniface will resume looking at the central ‘reference’ area for the file.

NOTE 2: If you enter an operating system command prefixed by an !, into the SQL Workbench, with PATH specified as $UD6, then the string will be passed to the operating system, e.g.:

!bcvs checkout components\add001.XML

Releasing a form and application model
Releasing registers
Adding a form
Merging code changes
Final notes

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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