Using UD6 with Microsoft XML Software Development Kit

UD6 is designed to work with W3C standards associated with XML.

To help facilitate the use of the XML files generated by the UD6 driver, stylesheets and schemas are also automatically produced. For practical purposes, these support files are built to work with specific implementations of the W3C standards (mostly Microsoft).

Microsoft and other vendors are constantly working on updates to their software to allow them to comply with W3C specifications when they are finalised. March Hare are anticipating the next release of browsers that support W3C standard XSL/XSLT and XML-SCHEMA.

By switching these options on using the USYS$UD6_PARAMS settings you can generate support files for these new standards.

Microsoft have made early releases of their XML Software Development Kit available for developers to test their implementations, and UD6 1.02 has been validated against the May 2000 and July 2000 releases of MSXML3.DLL. NOTE: This new release of the Microsoft XML DLL provides support for W3C XSL but not the W3C XDR (XMLSCHEMA) standard.

If you have Internet Explorer 5 installed, the IE5 support DLL can be downloaded from:

Once downloaded and installed, you must run xmlinst.exe (in the directory c:\winnt\system32), to enable it to work with Internet Explorer 5. See the installation notes that come with the download for further information.

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