Configuration information for PVCS Version Manager

The PVCS Version Manager is a client only type SCM tool, which can run on multiple platforms. NT shares or SAMBA shares can be used to distribute the controlled files across a network. PVCS also has a VM server, which can be used in a server based environment. The setup is almost identical for the two products, except that with the server based product some of the NT share or samba share techniques discussed in the section on how to use UD6/CMtool Driver with eChange Man would have to be used.

These examples are all using the Win32 based PVCS Version Manager.

Configuration Files

Joins File
ASN file

How to use the driver with PVCS Version Manager (cont.)

Taking control in PVCS Version Manager
Releasing a form using PVCS Version Manager
Checking a form in using PVCS Version Manager
Adding a form using PVCS Version Manager
Finding the differences in versions using PVCS Version Manager
Procedures for handling compiled objects with Version Manager
Problems when using PVCS Version Manager

UD6 Overview
A methodology to Uniface source code control

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