Step by Step guide to using UD6/CMtool driver and Uniface with PVCS Version Manager

What is PVCS

PVCS is a popular commercial source code management tool for Windows and Unix environments. It offers basic of support for CM, using SCCS-like commands, and is considered most appropriate for small development projects.

Its market share appears to be continually diminished by CVS and WinCVS, however at the time of writing the vendor had just released a major update, PVCS 6.5, which is what will be described here.

The home of PVCS on the web is http://www.merant.com

A complete list of configuration management tools can be found at


If you have not already done so, please read A methodology to Uniface source code control before you continue with these topics and examples.

PVCS Version Manager

Operating System (server) Operating System (client) Uniface Version UD6/CMtool driver Version PVCS Version Other
n/a Win NT 4.0 SP6 7.2.06 1.03 Beta 3 6.8.00
(Build 128)

UD6/CMtool driver has been tested with the abovementioned product, and this documentation has been written using the operating environment described above. Other operating environments should work, however specific instructions may vary.

A methodology to Uniface source code control

Configuration information
Taking control in PVCS Version Manager
Releasing a form using PVCS Version Manager
Checking a form in using PVCS Version Manager
Adding a form using PVCS Version Manager
Finding the differences in versions using PVCS Version Manager
Problems when using PVCS Version Manager

UD6 Overview

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