Step by Step guide to using UD6/CMtool driver and Uniface with ClearCase

What is ClearCase

ClearClase (formerly known as Pure Atria) was declared the most popular Software Configuration Management tool in the market in August 1999 by IDC, for the 3rd year running. ClearCase is popular with many unix variants and Windows solutions available, including solutions for development in remote geographical locations. It offers process control, version control, release / build management, software distribution, and integration with the ClearQuest change management tool.

The home of ClearCase on the web is http://www.rational.com/clearcase

A complete list of configuration management tools can be found at


If you have not already done so, please read A methodology to Uniface source code control before you continue with these topics and examples.


Operating System (server) Operating System (client) Uniface Version UD6/CMtool driver Version ClearCase Version Other
Win NT Workstation 4.0 SP4 Win NT Workstation 4.0 SP4 7.2.05 1.01 4.0  

UD6/CMtool driver has been tested with the abovementioned product, and this documentation has been written using the operating environment described above. Other operating environments should work, however specific instructions may vary.

Using UD6 with ClearCase

Since UD6 supplies Uniface source code to ClearCase in industry standard text files (in XML format), all of the advanced ClearCase features can be used. These include, UCM, MultiSite and ClearQuest.

The way that UD6/CMtool Driver works with your Uniface source code is independent of whether you are using Dynamic Views or Snapshot Views. Snapshot views allow developers in remote geographical locations to work on projects and then integrate their code changes with the original.

UD6/CMtool Driver is the only CM/SCM solution for Uniface that allows this level of functionality.

What to Version Control

If you are using ClearCase, March Hare advise that you use its capacity to manage all files associated with a Uniface development environment, both source objects and derived objects (like .frm, .svc, .prt and .dol files).

This manual only describes the process of setting up ClearCase and UD6/CMtool Driver for versioning your Uniface source code, since that is the unique ability of the UD6/CMtool Driver software. To version derived objects, please refer to the extensive documentation that Rational supply with ClearCase.

Issues with MVFS

March Hare recommend that users of ClearCase follow Rational's guidelines for Case Sensitivity as described in the Clear Case Administration Manual Section 5.2.

A methodology to Uniface source code control
Configuration information
Taking control in ClearCase
Releasing a form using ClearCase
Checking a form in using ClearCase
Adding a form using ClearCase
Finding the differences in versions using ClearCase
Problems when using ClearCase

UD6 Overview

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